20 de février de 2020

Blanchisserie en secteur pharmaceutique : qu’est-ce qu’une salle blanche ?

Washers specially designed to meet a high level of hygiene in pharmaceutical industry

Lavadora para farmacia

The first question is this: what do we mean when we talk about cleanroom? It is a space specially designed to reach and maintain very low levels of environmental pollution. These rooms must comply with strict environmental parameters to be controlled: airborne particles, temperature, humidity, air flow, air pressure…

There parameters are generally found in food, pharmaceutical or cosmetic industries as well as in medical research.

Danube has a long experience in this area where all clothing must be handled in the same center and where many potential sources of microbiological contamination should be contained, because bacteria spread easily without strict control.

Danube can advise you on specific washer extractor models for cleanrooms or hospitals.

Washer extractors for pharmaceutical, hospital or medical environments: what are their features ?

Lavadora para farmacia

Today we will show you all the peculiarities and characteristics of the new DBW sanitary barrier washing machine from Danube, available in different load capacities ranging from 27 to 70 kg, depending on the model chosen. With the new ET2 microprocessor control, is one of the machines specifically designed for this type of installation.

This model perfectly suits to industrial laundries with a high workload. It is equipped with a 7” touch screen, intuitive and very easy to use, which can display useful videos and can be configured in 38 different languages.

It is a passthrough aseptic industrial washer with double opposite doors. Designed to handle linen in hospitals, it meets the strictest hygiene standards (RABC) throughout the process and make easier loading and unloading operations thanks to its large doors diameter. Another remarkable feature is its high G factor that reduces the residual moisture and drying time, resulting in significant energy savings. This machine is easy to use and to maintain, all components are easily and quickly accessible.

For more information, you can contact our sales department who will get back to you as soon as possible. Finally, be sure that barrier washer extractors are an essential investment for the safety of all those involved in hospital or medical laundries.