2021 novelties in our products


What's new in our industrial washer extractors this year? 

This year we are pleased to present novelties in almost all of our ranges of industrial laundry machines. In this blog, we would like to show you some of the most outstanding of our lines of industrial washers, dryers and flatwork ironers designed for different industries and businesses.


We start with all the news in our range of industrial washers ; the high and normal speed range has been extended with new models of 35 and 45 kg, as well as new models of 100 and 120 kg capacity specifically for the high spin range. The position of these models is very good according to the market prices and allow us to increase the variety of our self-service models: WED-35C and WED-45C for the high spin range, as well as the WEN-35C, WEN-45C and WEN-60 models for the normal spin range.

Another interesting novelty in 2021 is the possibility of adding a specific base for washing mops, with an integrated filter, to the range of WED industrial washing machines up to 18 kg.

We end the novelties for washing machines by talking about our professional range, since as from this year we offer the possibility of incorporating the detergent box in the upper part of the WPR washing machine, this being very useful if you do not want to give access to the detergent dispenser on the front, as it is the case, for example, on self-service models with automatic dosing systems.

Novelties in our industrial dryers: new models and features

lavadoras industriales 2021

Our range of dryers has also been extended with new models of different capacities, to adapt to the needs of any type of laundry and to better complete the range of our washing machines. First of all, we would like to point out that we have added a 14 kg model in the GOLD, SILVER and BRONZE single drum ranges. On the last range, BASIC, there are three of 14, 28 and 36 kg.

And in the double drum range, we have integrated a more powerful STD Plus gas heating model, capable of halving the drying cycle while guaranteeing the same quality.

Finally, to further improve the usability of our ET2 dryers, we have integrated a large 7" touch screen as standard on all industrial models.

What’s new about our wall ironers and high productive flatwork ironers?

Let’s continue with our wall ironers; To meet market needs, we have redesigned our range of 180mm ironers, specially adapted to restaurants and small businesses. In addition, we have added a new working width of 2 meters to our range of 250mm ironers. 

We finish with our 500 and 650 mm ironers, with features and advantages that will surprise you: CARE IRON residual moisture control, optimized HPS feeding and ironing system, integrated longitudinal folder with or without rear exit, machines fully prepared for IoT control... We are in front of the latest generation of flatwork ironers.

Ozone cupboards to disinfect clothes without using chemicals of any kind 
lavadoras industriales y armarios de ozono

This year, we are pleased to present the new DAN_O3 ozone cupboards, designed to naturally deodorize and disinfect all types of clothing and accessories with ozone.

They are ideal for anything that cannot be water washed, dry cleaned or what is particularly delicate. We launched 3 different capacities on the market: 313, 626 and 1252 liters; One of the most remarkable features is that these models do not require external ventilation, as the ozone is destroyed inside the cabinet itself. They can also be a great advantage and a point of difference for self-service laundries.


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