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Equipment for Wet Cleaning

Using water to take care of delicate garments

The Wet Cleaning system brings back cleanliness and freshness to the most delicate garments, by using water to clean them. Our professional and industrial equipment, equipped with the new ET2 microprocessor, offers all the functionalities to use washing and drying programs specifically designed for garments requiring the best care.

What is the WET CLEANING concept?

The Wet Cleaning can replace the use of dry cleaning machines in 80% of cases. It is an optimal balanced process combining temperature, time, mechanical and chemical actions. Its efficacy has already been proven, on all types of clothing, to remove stains of sweat, proteins, grease or encrusted odors.

What are the characteristics of Danube equipment for WET CLEANING?

Our professional (WPR-8-10 kg) and industrial front (WED) washer models, our professional (DPR-8-10) and industrial dryer models, equipped with the new ET2 microprocessor, allow:

  • a precise dosage of liquid products: dose at the right time, with the right quantity. 8 signals for standard dosing pumps + 6 additional as option, programmable in time, delay and start.
  • a total control with ET2: precise control of temperatures and water levels, very low adjustable washing speed (13 RPM)
  • AQUA FLOW (for WED models) : optional kit allowing the recirculation of the bath water containing products to reduce the cycle (energy savings) and improve the washing efficiency without mechanical action
  • Control of the drying temperature with ET2: the air flow guarantees perfect drying for delicate garments. The humidity sensor helps to reduce the drying process ensuring an adequate humidity level for the subsequent finishing of clothes.

AQUABAC water recovery tanks for even more savings...

AQUABAC water recovery tanks with 1, 2 or 3 tanks, offer several possible configurations to save a large quantity of water (up to 70%). All our washers from 11 to 35 kg, equipped with ET2, can control these tanks. This system is ideal for recovering water and chemicals from the different washing phases. Detergents can be pre-mixed with water before use.

Wet Cleaning process: pre-spotting - washing - drying - finishing

In addition to our equipment, we offer finishing tables, spotting tables and finishers which are also perfectly adapted for working in WET CLEANING.

  • Heated, vacuum, blowing and up-steaming finishing tables, with or without boiler
  • Finisher for clothes with sleeves (jackets)
  • Topper
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