Wet cleaning

The best solution for its efficacy

The WET CLEANING process brings cleanliness and freshness to the most delicate garments by using water instead of dry cleaning

The wet cleaning process has emerged in recent years as an alternative to dry cleaning, more polluting and more restrictive. This modern system makes it possible to create the most suitable washing, drying and finishing programs to take care with water of the most delicate clothes or fabrics. This method eliminates 80% of existing stains by using only biodegradable products.

The new environmental regulations, combined with collective ecological awareness, encourage new industrial laundries and laundromats to bet on this system. This eco-friendly washing method adds value compared to the rest of traditional laundries.

What equipment is equipped with WET CLEANING technology?

All washer extractors, front or barriers, from Danube are equipped with the new EASY TOUCH 2 microprocessor which allows the creation and use of wet cleaning programs. From the professional range of 8 and 10 kg to the largest washer capacity of 120 kg, all the machines are equipped with the functions necessary to operate in wet cleaning: stainless steel drum, automatic mixing of water at different temperatures, speed drum rotation adjustable by frequency inverter. The AQUA FLOW option for water recycling has also been designed to optimize results.

The dryers of the GOLD range also make it possible to obtain the best results for textiles processed in wet cleaning thanks to their standard features: air recovery system, control of residual moisture, new stamped perforations of the drum for maximum care of the clothes during the cycle...

The AQUABAC water recovery tanks, associated with ET2 washers, represent a significant advantage in recycling and saving water.

All this equipment has been designed to reduce consumption, offer an optimal level of washing while respecting the environment.

Wet cleaning

Equipment for Wet Cleaning
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