Finishing tables, industrial irons for laundry and other equipment from Danube

Discover the ironing tables and other finishing equipment offered by Danube

This section contains a series of machines designed to obtain the perfect form finish for clothing, whatever sector your business is from: Horeca, healthcare, services, industrial…

Choose according to the needs of your business: the steam generator is a perfect complement to conventional irons, removing even the tiniest of wrinkles; or there are ironing tables available in different sizes and with different features; the air-operated presses, making detailed ironing on an industrial scale simple, are another option; the different form finishers for garments such as jackets, shirts or dresses; the finishing cabinets, comfortable, efficient and very fast; or the spotting tables, able to work in cold and to remove any stain.

All of these are perfect for finishing uniforms, tablecloths and other garments or linen in hotels, restaurants, hospitals, large industrial companies…

Each machine is specially designed for a type of ironing. In the event of any doubts, please contact Danube

Choosing how to form-finish clothing, what type of machine will give you the perfect finish, or selecting one of our industrial ironsis no easy task. If you have any doubts, queries or need advice, just contact Danube for a direct and personalised service. Contact Danube using the contact form found on this Web page. Be assured that in choosing Danube you have chosen true professionals from the cleaning, health hygiene and industrial sector, with more than thirty years of experience designing and manufacturing state-of-the-art industrial laundry equipment.

You can also visit the factory and watch a demonstration of the ironing or the equipment you are interested in buying. It's that simple!

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