Drying Ironing

Industrial drying ironing: wall or compact flatwork ironers

Our commercial ironing machines are dryers and ironers that will enable you to achieve the best finishes in record time

At Danube we would like you to spend two minutes looking at everything our commercial ironing machines can offer you; latest generation ironing machines that have been specially designed to offer you a high productivity, a high degree of energy efficiency and the best quality in the finishes with all of those laundries in mind that have to process large volumes of flat linen each day.
You will be able to dry and iron linen in one single operation. Moreover, you will achieve excellent finishes thanks to the Nomex feeding belts, a factor that will guarantee you a significant saving of time and energy of more than 25%. All of them have a motor with frequency inverter and an electronic control of the speed and temperature.
On the other hand, safety is guaranteed at all times thanks to its double stop system for emergencies, the finger guard bar and stop push-button.
We have wall ironers with roll diameters of 200 mm, 325 mm, 500 mm and 600 mm. The first ones have three different working lengths of 1400, 1600 or 2000 mm, while the second are larger, reaching up to 2000, 2600 and 3300 mm.

Compact commercial ironing machines: a special ironing machine for hospitals and hotels 

These commercial ironing machines are designed for hospitals and hotels given that they are places where it is necessary for laundries to dry, iron and fold large quantities of linen in the shortest time possible. The models from the S line, less complex, don't have a folding system, but do have all of the other features.
They have a frequency inverter, brushed steel roll with a finger guard bar, and a touch screen that enables programmes to be created that control speed and temperature. Depending on the humidity of the linen items, they can process more than 290 Kg per hour. Finally, it is important to note that their heating system can be gas, steam or electric and they also have a vapour extraction system.

The perfect complement to compact commercial ironing machines: the Smarty folder 

This folder is perfect to complement the work of compact ironing machines in hospitals and hotels. It is designed especially for napkins and small items of linen. It has a production rate of between 900 and 1200 items per hour and enjoys a PLC microprocessor with 20 different programmes.
It is capable of automatically recognising the dimensions of the items and counting them as it finishes folding them. In essence, a machine that does not require much space and that will enable you to optimise time to the maximum. A necessary investment of which you will obtain a great performance, don’t doubt it!

Request information with no obligation whatsoever and we will contact you as soon as possible 

If you have any queries about our commercial ironing machines, you just need to contact our sales department so we can advise you and suggest the model that best suits the needs of your laundry. 

You can do so by telephoning +33 (0)2 54 88 05 76, sending an email to export@danube-international.com, or by completing the form on our website.  

To finish, we recommend you take advantage to have a look at the rest of our products, including our washing machines, tumble dryers and other products related to industrial laundry machinery. You will see for yourself that we are the best partner possible to improve and optimise the day-to-day tasks and results of your professional laundry. 

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