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A wide range of industrial dryers ahead of the time

Danube industrial dryers: user-friendly, ergonomic, powerful and designed to save energy

This wide range of industrial dryers has been designed to simplify as much as possible the drying process in all kind of laundry. All the models offer a high drying efficiency which respects the nature of the linen. In addition, they offer an excellent quality-price ratio. 

What are the most significant common features of industrial dryers?

They are specifically designed to dry better and to care for the linen, as well as saving energy by optimizing the drying cycles. Some features are  particularly remarkable like CARE DRY, which helps to shorten the cycle thanks to the residual moisture control, implying significative energy savings and a longer garment life, with less wear. SOFT DRY ensures that the linen is not mistreated and lengthens its life thanks to the new stamped perforations in the drum. All models present a cooling system at the end of the cycle to prevent wrinkles.


the models from Gold range are the most efficient ones and include as standard an air recovery system, a double door glass, sprinklers and insulating panels (optional in the other ranges). The axial-radial air flow system is designed to optimize the air circuit in the drum.

Another specific range, HP, with heat pump technology can even be installed in places with no access to the outside. They do not require exhaustive maintenance, they are ergonomic, user-friendly and have very low operating costs. They could save up to 40% in energy consumption each year 

Investing in quality, technology and efficiency is to invest in the future.



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