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A wide range of industrial dryers ahead of the time

France industrial dryer: take a look at everything we can do to optimise the drying tasks of your laundry

The time has come to show you the industrial dryers manufactured in France from Danube. Our wide range of dryers has been designed to simplify the drying process of linen as far as possible. All of them offer a high efficiency and maximum quality in drying which does not alter, shrink or damage the linen under any circumstances. They have been designed with the advantages of the most efficient dryers on today’s market as a starting point and are excellent value for money. 


 secadora industrial francia

France industrial dryer: we have designed single drum, double drum and heat pump models

At Danube, in general, we have designed three ranges of industrial dryers: with single drum, double drum or with heat pump. 

The dryers that are most similar to conventional dryers are the single drum dryers; we have 4 different models with features depending on the needs of each customer, easily adaptable to self-service and with a high degree of customisation possible:

On the other hand, the double drum dryers are ideal for saving space in self-service laundries since their design makes it possible for us to place two dryers in the space where we would usually have one.  The double drum models from our catalogue are as follows:

We finish with our most efficient models that are revolutionising the world of drying, our models of industrial dryers with heat pump. They have been specifically designed to achieve a significant energy saving due to their advanced features. In this case, we have two different models:

What are the common and most notable characteristics of the France industrial dryers from Danube?

They are specially designed for the best drying and to offer a high level of care to linen, along with an energy saving by optimising the drying cycles. We must also highlight their CARE DRY and SOFT DRY systems. With the first, you will be able to shorten the cycle thanks to the humidity control, which means saving energy and an increase in the use life of the garments as they suffer less deterioration; while the second guarantees not to mistreat the linen and extends its use life thanks to the new holes in the drums.  They also have a final cooling system to prevent creases.

The model from the Gold range has an air recovery system, double glass door or insulation panels as standard (optional depending on the model in other ranges). Their axial-radial air flow system is created to optimise the flow and circulation of the air in the drum.

 secadora industrial francia

Another range, the HEAT PUMP range, with the heat pump technology can be installed in areas without external access. They do not require an exhaustive maintenance, they are ergonomic, easy to handle and have a very low operating cost. You will make a saving of up to 40% of the yearly energy consumption.  Investing in quality, technology and efficiency means investing in the future. If you opt for any of our France industrial dryers, or you want to receive more detailed information and personalised advice, you just need to phone us on +33 (0)2 54 88 05 76, send us an email to export@danube-international.com or complete the contact form that you will find on this website. It’s that easy!



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