DD-HP GOLD ET2 11-16-23

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Heat pump

Eco-friendly, energy-efficient heat pump dryers with maximum quality

Committed to implementing technological improvements and environmentally friendly systems, DANUBE presents its range of the most energy-efficient dryers.

New heat pump dryers represent a revolution because they allow up to 60% energy savings. 

Heat pump dryers: ideal for places with difficult access

DANUBE heat pump dryers are ideal for installation in places without access to the outside or with difficulties thanks to their technology and adaptability. They are a very good option for companies that require a specific study and installation of the space. Its design considerably simplifies its commissioning without having to sacrifice efficiency.

The GOLD range is equipped with electric resistances in support, alternating with the heat pump, to reach the desired temperature more quickly. It is available in three capacities: 11, 16 and 23 kg.

Heat pump dryers advantages

  • Does not require external extraction.
  • Easy maintenance: access to all components from rear panel.

Main features of heat pump dryers

  • EASY TOUCH 2 new microprocessor with 7" touch screen
  • Body in grey skinplate, stainless steel look
  • Big loading door (opening of 180º).
  • DOUBLE DOOR GLASS standard.
  • CARE DRY: CARE DRY: intelligent humidity sensor as standard
  • REVERSING DRUM: standard in all models
  • STAINLESS STEEL DRUM as standard
  • SOFT DRYNew drum with stamped holes makes sure the linen is gently handled.
  • Filter drawer with wide surface.
  • COOL DOWN : Anti-wrinkle at the end of cycle
  • These models use water to refrigerate, which may be reused to wash

Options for HP dryers

  • Stainless steel body or front panel
  • Back panel with air filter
ET2 Conectividad Eficiencia Ergonomia Funciones Versatilidad Maintenance
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