Self-service GOLD-SILVER heat pump dryers

Self-service heat pump

Tumble dryers for laundromats without external exhaust or with little space

Heat pump dryers from 11 to 23 kg are available in self-service version. Easily transformable from OPL version, these dryers are ideal for small laundromats as they don't need external exhaust and do not require a big installation. Both ranges are equipped with ET2 control, intuitive and fully programmable.

  • GOLD range is equipped with electric elements to support which alternate with heat pump so that temperature is reached in less time
  • SILVER range is only fitted with heat pump technology

Common characteristics of all ranges

  • REVERSING DRUM: All models offer a reversing drum.
  • Big fluff filter with wide surface.
  • COOL DOWN: Anti-wrinkle at the end of cycle.

Additional options 

  • CARE DRY: residual moisture control (SILVER, standard on GOLD)
  • Double doorglass (SILVER, standard on GOLD)
  • Opposite door opening
  • Printer
  • Danube Online communication kit
  • Stainless steel outer casing or front panel
  • Black or wooden skinplate outer casing or front panel...

Payment options

  • Electronic coiner for tokens or coins, available in various currency
  • Mechanical coiner for tokens or for coins
  • Central pay
ET2 Conectividad Eficiencia Ergonomia Funciones Versatilidad Maintenance
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