New models with suction and speed inverter

Danube presents its new GOLD range of wall ironers with working width 1m40 and 2m to be more productive and efficient. Equipped, in addition, with suction and a speed inverter, these new ironers are particularly well suited for ironing a larger quantity of small pieces of flat linen: better evaporation thanks to the extraction, adjustable speed thanks to the variator . These models work like a flatwork ironer, without bed lifting.

More flexible, they are equipped with the new BM electronic control, with an AUTO mode allowing automatic adjustment of the ironing speed according to the selected temperature: saving time and energy.

R2D25 GOLD advantages

  • Fitted with a suction device to facilitate ironing by pressing the laundry against the roll
  • Equipped with a speed inverter allowing a higher quality of iroring according to the laundry thickness and moisture
  • Fitted with the new BM electronic control for greater flexibility
  • Wall mounted and compact size

R2D25 GOLD main features

  • Front feed and return.
  • Panels in skinplate. Top panel in stainless steel.
  • Roll dimensions: 1m40 and 2 m wide
  • Roll diameter: 250 mm
  • New BM electronic control: adjustable speed and temperature. Automatic management of the ironing speed according to the temperature selected thanks to the AUTO mode.
  • Electric heating.
  • Nomex model as standard, to work at higher temperatures, up to 190ºC.
  • No bed lifting, works like a flatwork ironer

Available options

  • Special voltages