Industrial form finishers to perfect the level of finish of your garments

Ideal for finishing different types of  garments… The cycles are fully automatic thanks to an electronic card with which it is possible to memorize 9 different cycles and regulate the duration of vaporization and drying. The opening of the shoulders and the height of the dummy are adjustable. The dummy support as well as the control panel are 360° rotatable.

MF utility finisher

  • Model without boiler, ready to be connected to central steam supply.
  • Requires steam inlet and return (can be installed with GV-24 steam generator, 15 kw)

MF-C utility finisher

  • Built-in electric boiler 18 lts
  • Automatic control of pressure (4,5 bar)
  • Automatic water feeding

MFCH industrial form finisher for shirts and jackets

Form finisher for shirts washed using water or dry cleaned, and jackets. It does not have a boiler and is ready for connection to steam and compressed air.

  • Two sleeve stretchers with independant traction
  • Front heated and reclining panel
  • Electronic card for automatic working cycle
  • Powerful 3 HP fan
  • automatic carriage with photocell for the stretching of side and back part
  • Air working pressure 5 – 6 bar
  • can be installed with GV-24 steam generator – 22 kw

MFV form finisher for classic coats, overcoats and similar

  • Telescopic structure with a height of up to 1500 mm.
  • Prepared for connection to steam and compressed air.
  • 350° rotating structure and locking central panel to hold the garment.
  • Sensors to capture the length of the garment.
  • Double anti-stretch system in length (warp) and width (weft).
  • Adjustable shoulder unit.
  • Gate valve to regulate the intensity of the propelled air

Form finisher for trousers / MFP (without boiler) – MFP-C (with boiler)

  • Programmer with 9 fully automated operating cycles, with time adjustment for vaporisation and blowing times using timers.
  • Height adjustable trouser-stretching carriage and inox clamps for trouser bottoms.
  • Three pressure regulators (trouser clamp, waistband and trouser stretcher).
  • Manual size indicator.
  • Mechanical air flow regulator.
  • Built-in three-phase fan.
  • It requires connection to a compressed air compressor.