HIGH SPIN WED 35C-45C-60C-80C-100C-120C ET2

High-performance industrial washers with large loading capacities

Equipped as standard with many features, customizable with many options, this generation of free standing washers offer large loading capacities and are designed to meet the needs of laundries with large work volumes.

Compact models from 35 to 120 kg – new 80 kg model

What are the main features of this range of machines?

  • High G Factor 450 (WED-60C to 80C), 350 (WED-100C and 120C)
  • Grey skinplate outer casing
  • AISI 304 stainless steel vat and drum
  • 8 signals for dosing pumps
  • 3 water inlets as standard
  • EASY TOUCH 2 microprocessor control with 7″ touch screen, fully programmable; 29 preset programs, 37 available languages
  • Danube Online communication – IoT as standard
  • Telemetry as standard
  • Wet cleaning as standard: water levels and washing speed fully programmable
  • Ready to be connected to the AQUABAC water recovery tanks
  • Wide loading door in aluminium
  • Optimized consumption: automatic or manual adjustment of water levels and detergents according to the load
  • WATER SAVING system: 3 configurable levels of savings
  • USB connection

Other options available to complement the range

  • New kit of 2 dosing pumps DQ-2 + additional dosing pump DB-1
  • Double drain kit for water recovery
  • AQUA FLOW: bath water recirculation (WED35C-45C)
  • 6 extra signals for dosing pumps
  • Automatic weighing system on feet
  • Reverse opening door
  • Tropicalized model (ET2)
  • Steam kit to transform an electric or hot water model into steam (WED-35C to 80C)
  • AISI 304 stainless steel outer casing
  • Dual heating (WED-60C to 120C)
  • Double or frontal tilting system (WED-60C to 120C)