SP 600-800-1000



DANUBE INTERNATIONAL supplies a full range of cylinder heated long lasting flatwork dryer ironers. Our dryer ironers are simple but at the same time have sophisticated devices. They save space, labour and energy. Our flatwork dryer ironers are built to meet all the needs of hotels healthcare institutions, nursing homes and on premises laundries. They are designed to boost the efficiency and productivity of your laundry.

Our range of compact flatwork ironers is available with roll diameter 600, 800 or 000 mm and is specially designed to offer a great output while saving space. These models are flexible and versatile: mural or pass through, equipped with lengthwise older and/or cross folder and side stacker, they are built to meet all the needs of structures which require important performances.

SP dryer ironers are compact high production machines which can make up to 2 length folds in one or two independent lanes. These folds are pneumatic, by means of photocells. Linen feeding and delivery at the front of the machine, with option of back delivery.


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One or two working lanes: one lane for bedsheets and two lanes for tablecloths and small pieces.
Length fold with 1 or 2 folds in two independent lanes. Folding by photocells and compressed air.
Roll sizes: 2600 and 3300 mm wide and 600, 800 and 1000 mm diameter.
Panels in painted steel.
Feeding and ironing belts are Nomex.
Frequency control.
Touch-screen control: programs can be created with speed control (between 3 and 18 mts/min), temperature and folding parameters.
Big output capacity, depending on the residual moisture of the linen, up to 290 kg/hour straight from the high spin washer extractor.
Electric, gas or steam heating.
Powerful exhaust System.


Vacuum table to help the linen feeding.
Double air pressure in length folds for thicker linen..
Linen reject System.
Automatic 1 lane clamp feeder with vacuum feeding belts.
Rear delivery of the linen with collection table.
Small pieces back collector: 2 or 4 lanes.
SP600-2600 SP600-3300 SP800-2600 SP800-3300 SP1000-2600 SP1000-3300
Working width mm (inches) 2600 (102) 3300 (129) 2600 (102) 3300 (129) 2600 (102) 3300 (129)
Roll diameter mm (inches) 600 (23.62) 600 (23.62) 800 (31.49) 800 (31.49) 1000 (39.37) 1000 (39.37)
Ironing speed m/min 3-10 3-10 3-13 3-13 4-18 4-18
Available heating Electric, Gas, Steam Electric, Gas, Steam Electric, Gas, Steam Electric, Gas, Steam Electric, Gas, Steam Electric, Gas, Steam
Dimensions (LxPxH) mm 3786x1490x1810 4486x1490x1810 3786x1815x1980 4486x1815x1980 3786x1985x2180 4486x1985x2180
Net weight Kg 2400 2850 2900 3250 3350 3950