R18 – R25

R18 - R25


User-friendly, reliable, robust and not expensive. The new range of mural ironers is the ideal choice for those laundries which do not have a big output but where the investment point matters. Its easy use makes them perfect to iron the flatwork from restaurants, small hotels, YMCA, etc...

Electrically heated, there are two versions, diameter 180 and 250 mm. The linen needs previous drying in a tumbler to get the moisture of 20-25% which will provide the optimum ironing results..

These machines are small in dimensions and mural, so they can be placed in a reduced space, with hardly installation as they do not have air exhaust or connections except electric supply.


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Pages de R-18 100-120 EN

R18 PDF Datasheet

Pages de R-25 100-120-140 EN

R25 PDF Dataheet

R18-100 R18-120 R25-100 R25-120 R25-140
Useful length mm (inches) 1000 (39,37) 1200 (47,24) 1000 (39,37) 1200 (47,42) 1400 (55,11)
Roll diameter mm (inches) 180 (7,08) 180 (7,08) 250 (9,84) 250 (9,84) 250 (9,84)
Ironing speed m/min 2.02 2.02 4.2 4.2 4.2
Available heating Electric Electric Electric Electric Electric
Dimensions (LxPxH) mm 1286x430x970 1486x430x970 1400x445x1005 1600x445x1005 1800x445x1005
Net weight Kg 91 93 89 101 108