20 de March de 2021

A perfect combination to optimize and improve your laundry processes

A 14kg industrial washer and dryer perfect for small business, hospitality and self-service industries

This year, we launched a 14 kg industrial dryer that perfectly matches the capacity of the 14 kg industrial washer-extractor, available in the three types of extraction speed that we have in the catalog of industrial laundry machines.

It is an ideal tandem in a laundry for restaurants, small businesses, gyms, hairdressers, hotels … not to mention the coin-operated launderettes, so common in large cities

lavandería para restaurantes secadoras

It is an investment that can be very interesting, for example, for all restaurants and companies in the hospitality sector that need to process large quantities of linen and services on a daily basis and are looking for the best quality of finish, without having to outsource laundry services, to deal with everything internally by creating a dedicated space with this equipment within the facility.

The washer and dryer have been designed according to strict criteria of energy efficiency and connectivity; They are equipped with advanced features that guarantee the best results and significant annual savings in energy and chemicals.

For example, they are equipped with the ET2 microprocessor, with a 7 ”touch screen, which offers the possibility of showing illustrative videos, as well as being able to be configured in 37 different languages, being accessible and easy to use for users in most countries of the world. On the other hand, for the washing machine, ecological programs are pre-established, with the possibility of working in Wet Cleaning, 8 standard dosing signals are available and an essential thing for catering sector and hotel industry, an application that allows the remote control of the traceability and the analysis of the data of each cycle from your mobile device is possible.

You can also troubleshoot incidents, notify technical support, or take full control of your laundry from anywhere in the world, thanks to the fact that both types of equipment are able to operate entirely through the IoT.

lavandería para restaurantes

Other characteristics and relevant information of these two machines designed for hotel laundry

Let’s start with the washing machine, taking the high spin speed model as an example, some features of which can be mentioned.

It comes with a G-factor of 450, a system for adjusting the water and detergent levels according to the indicated load, called OPTIMAL LOADING, as well as an ergonomic base to adjust the loading height to 850 mm if desired, a large robust aluminum door, the possibility with the double drain option to connect to a water recovery tank …

Built in gray skinplate, all components are easily accessible and do not require major maintenance tasks, the large capacity models can be equipped with a single or double tilting system for easy loading and unloading.

Regarding the 14 kg industrial dryer, taking the model of the DD-GOLD range as an example, we would like to highlight the air recirculation system (AIR RECYCLE), the intelligent humidity control (CARE DRY), as well as an innovative axial-radial airflow system, designed to maximize and optimize the airflow inside the drum, which incorporates other inlets both on the top and on the front of the dryer (OPTIMAL FLOW).

In addition, it also has a cool down system at the end of each cycle to prevent wrinkling of the clothes and thus obtain the best result.

Thanks to all these features, you can save up to 40% energy compared to other similar 14 kg models available on the market today.

Specialists in the optimization of laundries for restaurants, hotels and companies in the tertiary sector


lavandería para restaurantes

As you can check, considering installing your own laundry area in your restaurant can be a great investment, with guaranteed return and the assurance that your working clothes and employee uniforms are always pristine on every shift.

But we can’t end this article without recommending that you take a look at our flatwork ironers; let’s complete this pair with our MICRA II model, a small industrial dryer ironer that provides the best possible finish thanks to Nomex bands for all your table cloth.

It is particularly well suited for restaurants that need to iron their flat linen on a daily basis and want to further optimize all the processes in their laundry room.

With all this equipment, you will enjoy a modern laundry, with guaranteed results, a more than profitable productivity, the ability to completely control it via IoT and with very high energy efficiency levels.

Do not hesitate to request a detailed quotation or to obtain all the necessary information by filling out this form or by sending an email to info@danube-international.com; You can also call us on +33 254 880 576, we will be happy to help you and recommend the equipment best suited to your small business needs.