Central pay

DANUBE offers three main models of central pay to better suit the needs of every self-service laundry.


LAUNDRY POINT can control up to 12 machines (washers and dryers), with centralized coin box on an anti-vandalism cupboard. Panels in stainless steel and painted steel. The display is a 4 languages screen with possibility to pay cash (coins, notes) or loyalty card (prepaid). An interface board is needed every 3 machines. As option there is a card dispenser and a wall frame.


DANUBE LAUNDRY central pay is more complete, it can control up to 32 machines and has internet connection. In addition to the cash payment or prepaid card it allows payment by VISA card (optional). Also available as an option is a ticket printer. Another advantage is the possibility of promotions (time slot, prices) and that without interface board it can control up to 7 machines. From 8 machines, an interface is required every 4 machines.


A third cheaper option is 6-SELF the centralized box, capable of handling up to 6 machines, which offers two modes of payment: cash (coins, notes) or loyalty card (prepaid).

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