Industrial drying ironing: wall or compact flatwork ironers

Danube's dryer ironers help you to maximise time like never before

Danube would like to show you their state-of-the-art flatwork ironers. They are classified into three main groups: with drum, double drum or heat pump. They are specially designed to offer high productivity in reduced spaces. The wall ironers can dry and iron your linen in one single operation. You will also obtain an excellent finish thanks to the Nomex feeder belts, ensuring significant savings in time and energy of more than 25%.

All the ironers have a motor with frequency variator and electronic speed and temperature control. Safety is guaranteed at all times thanks to the dual emergency stop system, the finger guard and the stop button. Danube offers
wall ironers with roller diameters of 325 mm and 500 mm. The first is available in three different working lengths, 1400, 1600 and 2000 mm, whereas the second model is slightly longer, measuring 2000, 2600 and 3300 mm. 

Compact ironers: a dryer ironer especially for hospitals and hotels

These ironers are designed for hospitals and hotels as these are places in which the laundries are required to dry, iron and fold a large quantity of linen in the shortest possible time. The models from the S line are less complex, and do not have a folding system, although they do have all the other specifications.

They have a frequency variator, polished steel roller with finger guard, and touch screen for creating speed and temperature control programmes. Depending on the residual moisture of the fabric, they can process more than 290 Kg per hour. Lastly, gas, steam or electric heating is available, and they also have a powerful steam exhaust system.

The ideal accessory to the compact ironers: the Smarty folder

 This folder is ideal for complementing the work of the compact ironers in hospitals and hotels. It is particularly designed for napkins and small items. The output is between 900 and 1200 pieces per hour and it has a PLC programmer with 20 different programmes. It is able to automatically recognise the piece size and counts the pieces as the folding process is completed. A machine requiring little space and which maximises time. An essential investment with a high performance, make no mistake!

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