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State-of-the-art industrial laundry equipment: quality in processes, high energy efficiency, connectivity and ergonomics

State-of-the-art industrial laundry equipment for different sectors

Danube has been manufacturing and marketing industrial laundry equipment for more than half a century, and is today a national and European reference. In recent years it has specialised in the production and design of professional and industrial high speed washers, dryers, ironers and flatwork ironers, for a variety of sectors, horeca (hotels and restaurants) and other specific sectors such as the pharmaceutical, agrifood, chemical or healthcare industries.

It has significant experience in the design of Clean Rooms, where hygiene is the main priority.  These require low levels of contamination with very strict control of the environmental parameters, as they are used for the correct disinfection of uniforms and other garments used in pharmaceutical laboratories, nuclear power stations, chemical companies, hospitals and healthcare centres.

Industrial laundry equipment by Danube

This section contains information about all the industrial and healthcare laundry equipment offered by Danube, including for example: high-speed spin soft-mounted washers, designed to meet the needs of any type of laundry service; or the  high-speed machines for self-service laundrettes, with a broad selection of capacities and models; we would also like to draw attention to the AQUABAC water recovery tanks, designed to recycle the water used and achieve significant savings in water and energy; not to mention the wide range of dryers, ironers and flatwork ironers available.  Danube specialises in offering integral industrial laundry solutions of all types to meet the needs of all their customers.

The Danube barrier washers

Hospitals are an endless source of microbes, bacteria and contaminating agents. Danube's barrier washers reduce the risk of the spread of nosocomial infection during the wash. In this type of facility, soiling with blood and potentially infectious fluids requires careful handling. This is where Danube's laundry equipment comes into its own thanks to the state-of-the-art technology and washing systems used. In addition, the machines are designed with durability in mind, producing ergonomic, safe, user-friendly machines with low maintenance levels. 

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