Wall flatwork ironers for industrial laundry


What is a wall flatwork ironer for laundry ?

A laundry wall flatwork ironer is a machine designed to process large quantities of flat linen, achieving the best quality of ironing and finishing.

At Danube, we offer a wide range of industrial flatwork ironers, separated into two groups: wall flatwork ironers and high production flatwork ironers. 

Flatwork ironers from our catalogue 

200 and 325 mm roll flatwork ironers 

The range of 200 and 325 roll flatwork ironers is specially designed for those small and medium-sized laundries that need the best possible quality of ironing process, but with limited space and a tight budget. We are talking about ergonomic and versatile machines, which require practically no maintenance tasks and which will provide you with excellent results.

Thanks to their ironing capacity -between 10 and 40 kg/hour depending on the model- as well as their various heating systems, being able to choose between electric and gas, they allow them to cover the needs of a wide variety of laundries and sectors.

Their renewed design allows you to work ergonomically and reduce ironing and drying times for flat linen to a minimum. 

On the other hand, the fact that they are wall flatwork ironers allows working exclusively from the front of the machine both for feeding and exit of the linen. 

500 and 650 mm roll flatwork ironers 

The range of 500 and 650 mm roll flatwork ironers has been designed for laundries with wide space that require high rates of productivity as well as the best possible quality of ironing after each washing cycle of flat linen.

From drying ironing to lengthwise folding with front or rear exit, these are flatwork ironers that provide a high capacity of drying, ironing and folding -between 50 to 120 kg/hour depending on the model- . 

They offer three heating systems, electric, gas or steam, in addition to being equipped with the new ET2 microprocessor, with a large touch screen and advanced features related to energy efficiency.  

From a technical point of view, these ironers offer a system called CARE IRON, designed to automatically adjust the ironing speed according to the residual moisture detected on the linen, achieving significant energy savings in each ironing cycle.  On the other hand, they also have the HPS high production system function, with an ironing speed of up to 15 m/min.

Finally, we can highlight that there are three available working widths: 2 m, 2,60 m and 3,30 m as well as NOMEX ironing belts.

500, 600 and 800 mm chest ironers 

This type of ironers is designed to cover the needs of the most demanding laundries with a greater volume of work.

We are talking about a machine that is very easy to use and that is controlled by a PLC microprocessor as standard, with a 4” color touch screen.

They have a flexible chest made in 100 % carbon steel, with a lifting system that works by hydraulic actuators, in addition to having a Smart-LED system that provides very practical information for users and error indications through different lights and colors. 

On the other hand, it can be chosen between electric or gas heating, with an indirect heating system through a heat exchanger throughout the range.

Finally, we cannot forget to mention that there are three available working widths: 2 m, 2,70 m and 3,30 m.

Do not hesitate to contact us for all information you could need to buy your wall flatwork ironer. We have always offered a direct and personalized answer to each of our clients, involving ourselves 100 % in each project that we have carried out throughout all these years.

To speak with our sales department, you just have to send an email to info@danube-international.com or call +33 (0)2 54 88 05 76. If you want us to contact you, take a moment to fill out this form and we will call you right away.
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