Why is it so necessary to have a space dedicated to an industrial laundry?


The responsibility of companies specialized in the process of industrial garments and that intend to offer a quality service is great. Contemporary industrial laundries provide a solution to the cleaning needs that are generated in different institutions such as hospitals, hotels, restaurants, pharmaceutical companies…

If you are managing a company belonging to any of these sectors, having your own industrial laundry will give you a very important added value. In this post, we will show you all the advantages and strengths of this type of facility.

It is not the same to meet the garments cleaning needs of a hospital than a geriatric center or a hotel.

Why go for industrial laundries?


In addition to meeting the needs of their customers and users, industrial laundries must also have a high production capacity. It is necessary that they are equipped with machines capable of guaranteeing the highest possible level of energy efficiency, quality components and great resistance…, to achieve the desired degree of satisfaction. The choice of the appropriate machinery depends on factors such as the daily workload, the type of garments to be processed or the characteristics of the room where the laundry must be installed.

It should aslo be taken into account that different types of garments are daily processed like corporate uniforms, gowns, hospital clothing, carpets, curtains, among others. These garments require a special cleaning process, depending on the places where they are used. Cleaning and disinfecting a uniform used in a surgery room is not the same as cleaning a tablecloth from a restaurant, for example, as it requires a more complex process than usual.

Managing an industrial laundry is not easy and the entire process must be controlled from start to finish: identification, classification, monitoring, transport and distribution are the key when it comes to achieving an effective and efficient system.

Solutions and specific machinery for industrial laundry

DANUBE is ready to offer the best laundry solution adapted to the needs of your customers, with a wide range of front washers, dryers, flatwork ironers, finishing equipment and accessories.

At DANUBE we have been manufacturing laundry equipment since 1947. We have been developing solutions to optimize your laundry operations. Innovation, design and construction are the keys to the success of the company.

With our long experience, we know that each installation has its own specific situation that is why we help you determine the capacities of the machines and the operating costs.

Institutions that mostly demand industrial laundries 

First of all, the largest demand group is the hotel sector. It is followed by the health sector, which includes hospitals, clinics and care homes. Finally there is the provision of laundry services to restaurants, catering centers and industrial companies. In addition, spas and gyms could be mentioned.

These companies usually need to hire an external laundry service that can take care of the collection and cleaning of all the garments of their facilities and personnel clothing: tablecloths, napkins, towels, uniforms, etc.

We understand that each industry has their own demands. That is why we offer a complete line of industrial laundry equipment that meet the needs of businesses of all sizes.

It is important to note that since 1984 it has been recognized that sanitary barrier washers like the ones we manufacture at DANUBE reduce the risk of spreading nosocomial infections (infections acquired in hospitals) during washing. One of the main concerns with hospital clothing is contamination with blood and other potentially infectious materials. 

There is specific information about airflow direction and exchange, as well as general safety information about evacuation, fire and steam piping. The particular difference from a hospital laundry operation is infection control and cleanliness. Surfaces must not retain microorganisms. Our engineering dept have taken a large part in reducing risks for hygiene for the past 30 years.

It is also important to mention that all our industrial washing machines are prepared to work with WET CLEANING programs and are equipped with the new ET2, a microprocessor with advanced features: fully programmable control, precise temperatures and water levels, adjustable washing speeds, control of each dosing pump, configurable in 37 different languages, preset ecological programs…

Do you want to receive personalized advice about our industrial laundry solutions ? 

Throughout all the years we have been working, we have always been 100 % involved with each project and client who has decided to bet on us. If you are thinking about investing in any of our industrial laundry equipment, it is normal to have some doubts and questions about it.

To receive personalized advice, you just have to call +33 254 880 576. You can also send an email to  info@danube-international.com or take a few seconds to complete our form.
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