Laundry hygiene and disinfection in hospitals and medical centers
DANUBE Laundry disinfection solutions
How to get a hygienically healthy laundry, efficiently and safely
The PULLMAN model with a load capacity of 90 kg , panels in grey skinplate and equipped with the new ET2 microprocessor as standard.
Equipment and keys for washing and disinfecting hospital laundry
Latest generation of barrier washers with all safety guarantees
Considerations and tips for cleaning pharmaceutical clothes in a cleanroom
Clean room design for the DANUBE pharmaceutical industry.
Hospital laundry hygiene: washing machines complying with strict safety and hygiene parameters
Washing machines with DANUBE sanitary barrier, safety and simplicity.
Equipment designed for hospital laundries to take a step into the future
Efficient medical washing machines perfect for small hospitals, nursing homes and medical centers.
DBW barrier washer extractors with new ET2 microprocessor
With its new range of DBW barrier washers, Danube has succeeded in meeting the strict hygiene needs of hospitals and healthcare facilities.
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